Adidas is a brand that offers men, women and children athletic clothing and more popularly, shoes. For almost one hundred years, Adidas has been making sports apparel, and in the most past five years, they have successfully branched out their marketing to the teen crowd. Don’t get me wrong, Adidas have always been pretty popular, but recently their sales have been through the roof and people can’t stop talking about them.

Adidas recently teamed up with Kanye West to promote a line of more expensive sneakers called “Yeezys”. These shoes are made in super limited quantities that people are willing to spend thousands of dollars on. This partnership has been a key role in the recent success of Adidas’ brand. Online, it won’t take long to see a picture of Kanye wearing his shoes, or his family (The Kardashian and Jenner clans) sporting them around major cities all over the world.

One way that Adidas could improve their efforts in the digital space would be to extend their recent marking tactics to an older audience. Maybe if Adidas started making trendier shoes for adults and even stylish shoes for senior citizens, their sales would be even more profitable than they are. Yeezy Boost Advertisement


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